number three.

there was something you said last night. something about holding memories closer to your heart than the person in those memories. i feel that now. i don’t personally feel that. i can feel it coming from you.

there’s a tiredness to you that i’m starting to see happen more and more everyday. it’s not a lack of energy. more like you’re losing interest overall. i can understand what that’s like. you’re just tired. you’ve outgrown this and there’s a comfort level that you are at now that i have not yet reached. but i’m not mad about it. it’s not unfair. that’s just the way life goes. you needed more time and i didn’t need anymore time. i always apologize for feeling like i forced you to do something you never wanted to be a part of. and you say, “no. i wanted this.”

maybe we’re more alike than i think we are. maybe we do have more in common. not so much the stupid little things like what kind of shows we watch or music we listen to, but down to what we’re like as people. how we react to situations. how we deal with problems or events. that’s where the similarities are. that “feeling” you had back in 2013, i completely understand that now. it’s very valid. you just had a really shitty way of explaining it. but this one, this one might not take me that long to comprehend. i’m almost halfway there.


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